Soma is also known as Carsoma or Carisoprodol. Soma is prescribed to treat people who suffer from stiffness, discomfort, pain and other symptoms associated with muscle injuries. Soma works by targeting the Central Nervous System and obstructs the pain sensations between the nerves and brain. Soma should be used in combination with a treatment program that entails rest and physical therapy to get the best results. As musculoskeletal conditions happen over a short period of time, the use of Soma should exceed no more than three weeks.

Where to buy

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How Taken

Inform your doctor about your medical history including if you are pregnant, have any allergies or disorders in order to determine the risks and benefits of taking Soma. Soma is orally administered in 350mg doses, usually four times a day for adults and teens with a full glass of water.

Side Effects

Side effects cannot be anticipated and may include dizziness, drowsiness, headache, stomach pain, depression, sleep problems, hiccups, vomiting, tremor, nausea and blurred vision. Uncommon but more serious symptoms are characterized by an allergic reaction, paralysis, irregular heartbeat, intense weakness, agitation, fainting, vision loss and seizure. Seek emergency help if any of the mentioned symptoms occur.


Soma must only be taken by the person it has been prescribed to as it can be addictive. After treatment, withdrawal symptoms are quite possible. Inform your doctor about your medical history and any prescription or recreational drugs you are taking including narcotics, cold and allergy medication, sleeping pills, muscle relaxers as well as any medication to treat depression, seizures or anxiety.

As Soma increases dizziness and drowsiness, use caution when driving, operating machinery, drinking alcohol or participating in any activities that require you to be alert. Soma must not be taken for patients who suffer from porphyria or who are allergic to carisoprodol or meprobamate.


If you a miss a dose, take it within an hour of scheduled dosing time. If not, skip the missed one and return to normal dosing schedule but do not take two at once.


Soma should be stored at room temperature and protected from moisture and heat.


A soma overdose may be indicated by confusion, seizure, dizziness, hallucinations, vision impairment, fast heartbeat, shallow breathing and stiff muscles. Contact your nearest poison centre or emergency ward.

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